Finding True Wealth Podcast with Nick Hopwood, CFP

EP 010 Your Retirement Quest - Conversation with Keith Lawrence

October 9, 2017

In spring 2016, Nick had the pleasure of meeting Keith Lawrence, co-author of Your Retirement Quest. As a former HR Executive at Proctor and Gamble, Keith and his co-author, Alan Spector, witnessed many retirees coming back to P&G walking the hallways and hanging-out in the cafeteria. Why would they come back to hang-out at work? This question/observation was the beginning of their research of interviewing thousands of retirees and developing the five stages of retirement, along with the ten secrets to leading a fulfilling retirement.  After reading the book, Nick has been strongly recommending it to his clients who are nearing retirement or in retirement. Listen to our latest episode of Finding True Wealth, as Nick and Keith talk about Your Retirement Quest.

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